Kate Winslet Receives Star on Walk of Fame

Congrats to Kate Winslet for receiving the 2,520th star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame! And she was not going to let an earthquake get in the way of enjoying her special day!


Source: Just Jared

Looking absolutely gorgeous in a black dress, Kate made her first post-baby appearance on Monday.  Despite the 4.4 magnitude earthquake that shook Southern California yesterday morning, everyone was in good spirits as Kate accepted the honor.

Divergent co-star Shailene Woodley only had nice words to say, calling Kate her “idol.”  Titanic co-star Kathy Bates also shared kind words and cracked a few jokes.

“You deserve to have stars strewn at your feet.  Even though stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sometimes get a little dirty with a little poo or whatever, what will last is your wonderful beautiful films, characters that you’ve played that have stolen our hearts. Nobody can ever poo on those.”

Welcome to the Walk of Fame club, Kate!

Source: E! Online

I have a question for you: if you could get a Walk of Fame star for absolutely anything, no matter how crazy or mundane it is, what would it be?  I’m really good at sleeping…and Facebook creeping…and uhh…TV watching?  Yes, mine would for sure be TV watching!  I can see it now…


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