Starbucks + Alcohol = Chardonnay Latte Coming Soon?


Source: E! Online

So when I was coming back from my spring break trip, we had a layover at the Dulles Airport. Naturally, I sought out the nearest Starbucks for my Caffe Latte Frappuccino.  But something was different.  Starbucks was now offering appetizers. And wine???  I’m not 21, so I couldn’t have any, but I was like “When did this happen?!”  Well, Starbucks is talking about it!

Starbucks has been testing out their new Evenings Menu in big locations such as Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago.  Today, they announced that this menu will now be available in more than 20,000 locations!

Chief Operating Officer Troy Alstead told about the expansion.

We’ve tested it long enough in enough markets. This is a program that works.  As we bring the evening program to stores, there’s a meaningful increase in sales during that time of the day.”

If you have any questions about this new business venture, check out their website for more information.

P.S. Starbucks Rewards will apply to Evenings purchases.  Better start swiping those Gold Cards!

Source: E! Online

So to all my fellow college students, next time you find yourself at a Starbucks for a late-night study session, you can get your Vanilla Macchiato for some caffeine and a chicken flatbread for some nutrients.  It’s a win-win situation!

(Please be aware that the consumption of alcohol and caffeine can be dangerous.  Always drink responsibility and never ever ever drive under the influence.)


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