James Franco Flirting: Scandal or Publicity Stunt?


Source: Mail Online

James Franco is in some hot water this week after he was caught flirting with 17-year-old Lucy Clode from Scotland, who was visiting New York City. After his performance of “Of Mice and Men” on Broadway, Clode took a selfie with Franco, to which he told her to tag him on Instagram. Well, she tagged him and what happened next is insane!




Source: Mail Online

It started when he commented on her Instagram post.  He asked the usual questions like where she’s from (Scotland) and who she’s with (her “mum”) and then asked the big one: how old she is (“nearly 18”).  Then, once he got her number, they started texting.


Source: Mail Online

As you can see, he was very anxious to find out more information. But this girl is smart and would not reveal too much until she was sure it was him. We’ve all seen Catfish; you never know who is really on the internet. Sure enough, he sent her proof!


Source: Mail Online

But that was still not enough! Please, anyone can find a celebrity selfie online.  She requested that he write her name on a piece of paper.  AND HE DID.  However, her better judgment decided against meeting up with an actor twice her age that she just met.  Also, she apparently has a boyfriend.  I’m sorry, but is this guy not offended that Lucy said she is single if James Franco is around?!  Did anyone else catch that?!?


Source: Mail Online

Franco later tweeted this, but the Instgram picture has since been removed.  On Friday, he made an appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael to formally address the controversy.  Watch the video below to hear what he has to say.

At least he is owning up to it and admitting he made a mistake!

But here’s the twist: Franco is starring in a movie called Palo Alto, where he plays a high school teacher who starts dating a student.  So this whole flirting thing could be legit or he could be pulling a major publicity stunt for the film.

Source: Mail Online

What do you think?  Is Franco a major creep or just brilliant at marketing?  Also, if James Franco is listening: I am blonde and I am single and I am legally an adult.  Hit me up, bro.  (insert kissy-face emoji)


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