Honey Maid Turns Hate Into Love


Source: SOAP

Honey Maid (the company that makes delicious and perfect and wonderful graham crackers) recently released a new advertisement campaign called “This is Wholesome,” but their newest commercial has offended quite a few viewers. The company decided not to fight fire with fire and instead, responded with love. Read more to see the videos for yourself!

The first video is Honey Maid’s actual commercial for their “This is Wholesome” campaign.  In light of the Cheerios controversy about their commercial featuring an interracial couple, Honey Maid is also facing criticism about that same issue.  Additionally, the commercial features a same-sex couple in the beginning, which is also causing some people to blow up in an utter rage.

Of course, the internet exploded with many emotions, a lot of them involving anger.  Honey Maid received so many hateful comments but decided to turn them into something positive.  They asked two artists to create something new from the comments and the finished product is absolutely astonishing.

Rather than fight back with more hateful words, Honey Maid turned the negativity into love, a lesson we could all learn.

Regardless of personal beliefs about what you support, oppose, hate, love…Honey Maid has provided a great example of how to move past the bad in a graceful way.

Source: E! Online

Sidenote: I’m currently studying marketing in my Business class and I must say, this is brilliant.  People are talking and everyone is hearing the brand name Honey Maid!  And they get major bonus points in my book for their response.  Love is always the answer.

What do you think?  Are people being way too sensitive about a thirty second TV spot?  What do you think about Honey Maid’s response?

Now BRB, gonna go put some Nutella on some Honey Maid graham crackers.

– xo, A


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