Miley Cyrus Hospitalized, Cancels Kansas City Concert


Credit: mileycyrus Twitter

I guess we can stop.  Pop princess Miley Cyrus has been hospitalized due to a severe allergic reaction, and unfortunately had to cancel her Kansas City concert because of it.  Read on to see what she had to say about the sad cancellation!

E! News reports that Miley canceled her Sprint Center concert due to an “absolutely horrible reaction” to a medication.

Just Monday morning, she tweeted I woke up like disssss #SICK” and then fever fever go away later on that night.  Then on Tuesday (April 15th), she sent out an apology tweet (pictured below).Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 11.41.24 PM

E! News also says that while the ticket holders can receive refunds, it is uncertain if the concert will be rescheduled for another date.

Miley has recently been getting over the flu, so it sounds like her immune system is just not having it this year.  :(

Source: E! Online 

I pray that Miley feels better soon!  I know she must feel terrible having to disappoint so many fans, but girl has got to get better!

Also, is anyone else totally dying from allergy season?!  I wake up every morning with a headache and start sneezing immediately.  It’s rough, y’all!

– xo, A


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