Demi Lovato Responds To Haters With Love


Credit: ddlovato Twitter

I love a positive celebrity role model!  When a hater sent out a mean tweet to my girl Demi Lovato, she took the road less traveled and responded with love, as opposed to a snarky comment in return.

There are just some people who really have nothing better to do.  Some random Twitter user who clearly needs to get a hobby decided to fat-shame the beautiful Demi Lovato with a simple tweet that read “fatty.” I’m sorry, but have you seen Demi?! She looks like a completely normal and healthy young adult. Shouldn’t we be applauding the fact that she looks like an actual human being and not like a human Barbie doll?


Before retweeting one of her fans who responded to the hateful message with love, saying “you are beautiful,” Demi tweeted a couple of messages of love.  Basically, hate her of love her, she doesn’t care because she loves you anyway! She also urged her dedicated fans – Lovatics – to follow her lead and respond to any hateful messages with “love and positivity.”  

I mean, doesn’t that sound ideal in a world where there are so many bombings and shootings and stabbings?  You can never have too much love.

Way to take the high road, Demi!

Source: Huffington Post


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