The Office Stare Machine Is The Perfect Time-Waster

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 12.37.32 AMDo you ever feel a certain emotion and you just need to find a video to convey how intensely you feel this emotion?  Problem solved. This stare machine, based on every stare ever in The Office, is your ultimate solution and the thing you never knew you needed.

Prepare to spend a good amount of time on The Office Stare Machine.  It’s totally simple.  All you do is type in what kind of stare you want: amused, angry, worried, or even drunk!  Then, the machine does its work and Youtube clips will automatically start playing.  Enjoy seeing every possible drunk stare ever in The Office.

I’d include a video, but really, you just need to go to the website and appreciate it for yourself.  It’s massively entertaining.
Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 12.41.51 AM
Who knows?  You might find some real Jim Halpert gems.  Or some Michael Scott diamonds.  Or some Toby Flenderson coal. You get the picture.

This magical invention comes from the same people who brought us The Office Time Machine.  You type in a year, and a video that has compiled every cultural reference from that year will show up.  It is also an insane time waster so if you’re close to finals week (like I am), tread with caution.

Have fun finding stares!  Now let me have Jim Halpert and no one gets hurt.

– xo, A


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