Glee Recap: “Opening Night”


Credit: Lea Michele

It’s showtime! On Glee tonight, Rachel Berry made her Broadway debut as Fanny Brice in “Funny Girl.” Her friends were all there to support her, Schuester got a huge surprise, and Sue found love. Read more to find out how it all went down in the Big Apple!

Rachel had been having nightmares and serious stage fright before opening day. In the nightmare we saw, she was surrounded by Karofsky, Sue, Jacob Israel, and Becky Jackson, to name a few. They forced her to sing “Lovefool” in one of her reindeer sweaters. It was really odd. She woke up and then talked to Kurt about some of the negative reviews she’s been getting (before the show even opened!), so he took away her cell phone and told her she needs to get unplugged before the big night.

Back in Lima, Sue tells Schue she wants his extra plane ticket to New York…even though she hates New York. He agrees, but only if she goes with him to the opening of “Funny Girl.” Sue and Schue suddenly end up in what appears to be a snowglobe and sing “NYC” from Annie.


Credit: Glee

Back at the apartment, Tina Cohen-Chang shows up…and so does her big mouth! She starts talking about negative comments about Rachel which freaks her out and everyone is like “shut up, Tina!” Later that night, Kurt finds Rachel looking up more comments, which puts her in a total funk. Everyone tries to cheer her up the next morning; Sam even tries to play guitar for her, but she quickly cuts the strings with scissors. Yikes. Kurt even delivers a note from BABS?! But Rachel calls him out on that one. “You of all people should know that Barbra dropped the ‘A’ when she was 18 years old as an act of rebellion. Who wrote this, Tina?!”

Everyone’s freaking out which only worsens when Sue shows up, who announces that she is staying in the apartment and plans to see Rachel choke. BUT, Santana returns to the rescue with a non-pep talk. “I don’t do pep talks; if you want a pep talk, you should call Mr. Schue or rent The Notebook.” She calms Rachel down by reading a bad review…from 1964…of Barbra! Another Santana gem: “You suck at so many things, but not at this.”


Credit: Twitter

Chris Parnell guest stars! Sue tries to scalp her ticket when she spots him outside of the theater. Schue visits Rachel backstage and notices her Finn necklace, bringing us this beautiful conversation.

I got him a seat tonight. I know it’s weird but he always made me promise I would get him a ticket to my opening night on Broadway.”
“It’s not weird, it’s lovely.”
“The only thing that scares me is getting through ‘Who Are You Now’…it’s the last song and I always think about him when I sing it.”



Credit: Twitter

Schue tells her, “Tonight is the best gift that a student could possibly give their teacher.” But wait! Emma calls. The baby is coming! Rachel allows Schue to leave. We get this amazing shot of Rachel walking to the stage and then the show opens with “I’m the Greatest Star.” Sue and Chris Parnell’s character leave; we later see them hanging out at his Italian restaurant. During intermission, Rachel is freaking out because they walked out, but her friends calm her down.

Rachel ends the show with “Who Are You Now” (but Sue is singing part of it too…?) and of course, they show a short clip of Finn and his adorable smile, and tears stream down Rachel’s (and my) face. Everyone celebrates backstage; there’s a cast party, but Rachel wants to just hang out with her friends. Blaine suggests this club where everyone obsesses over her. Everyone bursts out into a cover of “Pumpin’ Blood.”


Credit: Twitter

When the gang gets back, they discover Chris Parnell in Kurt’s leopard-print robe, who proceeds to make out with Sue. Rachel recognizes him and gets super mad that they stormed out, especially after hearing that he and Sue had sex everywhere in the apartment. Rachel then completely tells off Sue for making her life hell in high school. “Something amazing happened tonight…a group of friends rallied together and made a dream come true.” Then she tells her that Sue will never have that kind of love. “And I would feel so sad for you, but I don’t, because I just want you to get the HELL out of my apartment because I want to be with my friends.” Sue leaves, Chris Parnell takes the robe with him, and the gang cheers for Rachel.

Everyone goes out to buy the New York Times to see the review of the show. Rachel and Kurt are both too nervous to read it, so Santana takes the lead. Good news, though! Rachel is called a “supernova exploding before our eyes.” The critic even cried during her final song and wondered where she found that emotion!

Schue calls and tells everyone Emma had a boy! His name? Daniel Finn Schuester.  Stop it right now!
Schue: “For the first time in my life I feel…completely happy. How about you?”
Rachel: “Same…I feel the exact same.”

Sue and her lover say goodbye; both try to convince the other to be with them. “Sue Sylvester is a big fish who kind of likes swimming in a little pond.” Neither will budge! They make out some more and then Sue is off to fly home. On Sue’s Corner, Sue reveals that she does not hate NY anymore. “There’s nowhere on Earth quite like it.”  And that’s how Sue C’s it.

Tune in next week to see Rachel’s budding fame, as well as Shirley MacLaine! (unintentional rhyme…awesome.)

If you watched Glee, what did you think?  What emotions are you feeling?  (me: all of them)

– xo, A



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