“Gone Girl” and “If I Stay” Trailers Released – Add To Your Reading List!


Credit: Entertainment Weekly

You may remember this “Entertainment Weekly” cover back in January, with Ben Affleck hugging a…um, corpse.  I got this and was like “Yo.  Why is Daredevil snuggling with a dead girl?”  Well, the trailer for Gone Girl was released last week and things make much more a little bit of sense now.

Gone Girl, an adaptation of the book by Gillian Flynn, is directed by David Fincher (the mastermind behind The Social Network), and stars Ben Affleck.  The story is about a woman named Amy (Rosamund Pike) who goes missing on the fifth anniversary to her husband, Nick (B. Affleck).  From the descriptions I have read about it, some people think Nick killed her, some people think he didn’t; Nick says he didn’t. Classic disappearance case.  But apparently there is some massive bombshell twist halfway through the book!  The only way to find out what happens next is to read the book. ;)

Here is the trailer that was just released.  Don’t miss the movie when it hits theaters in October!


Credit: Goodreads

The next trailer that was released was for If I Stay, based on the book by Gayle Foreman.  Chloe Grace Moretz plays the main character Mia, who is faced with a super tough decision that hopefully none of us will ever have to make.  She’s a promising teenager who loves the cello, but when her family is killed in a car accident and she winds up in a coma, she has to decide if she wants to live or die.  She’ll probably have to go through hell if she chooses to wake up, but is it worth it to let go of everything and choose death?

Check out the trailer for If I Stay and catch the movie this August!

I have definitely just added these two books to the top of my summer reading list!

Which film are you the most excited to see?  If you’ve read one of these books, how do you think the movie will measure up?

– xo, A



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