Taylor Swift Shows Up To Fan’s Bridal Shower!

Credit: genagabrielle

Credit: genagabrielle

“I am not the kind of girl who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion,” says Taylor Swift…but she is the kind of girl who would show up to a fan’s bridal shower!  Gena Gabrielle, a long-time dedicated Swiftie, got the surprise of her life when a certain blonde country/pop superstar showed up at her bridal shower.

Gena is the girl we are all jealous of.  A fan since Tay’s early days of curls and cowboy boots, Gena has been lucky enough to meet Taylor several times since 2007.  When she last met her in September, she told her that she was engaged (Taylor even tried on her ring).  Taylor asked her to remind her about the wedding, and she did!

So Gena sent Taylor a wedding invite as well as one to her bridal shower.  Unfortunately, Taylor can’t make it to the wedding but she did make it to her first bridal shower “and Gena’s last.”

Credit: genagabrielle

Credit: genagabrielle

The bride-to-be had no idea Swift was even coming!  Taylor had some free time and had come across the party invite, so she decided to swing by for a while and make Gena’s LIFE. Taylor and Gena hung out for quite a while and she took tons of pictures and selfies with all of the guests.

An avid baker, some of the goodies Swift included in her gift basket to Gena and the groom, Bryan, were baking pans, a cookbook, kitchen utensils, pots, and a KitchenAid mixer.

Recently, Taylor put together a vlog about the party.  She hasn’t made one in about two years, so this must have been a pretty fun day for her! Check out Taylor’s video creation (and die of jealousy in the process).

Credit: genagabrielle

Credit: genagabrielle

Aside from the awesome kitchen gifts and cookie jar that Taylor gave to Gena & Bryan, Taylor (who is also super crafty…she’s basically Pinterest Girl) painted a gorgeous watercolor picture with one of her lyrics on it.  She even signed the bottom like a true Picasso!

To read a full, first-hand account of the day, check out Gena’s Tumblr post!

How awesome is Taylor to take time out of her busy schedule to visit a superfan, as well as spend all the money for the travel expenses and gift basket?!  She’s a genuine girl, that T. Swift.

What do you think about all of this?  Have you been a long-time fan like Gena?  I think I’m going to send Taylor an invite to my next event…probably my 21st birthday party?  Hey, it never hurts to extend the invitation!  You never know.  :)

– xo, A


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