What To Watch This Week

Credit: Sam Winans

Credit: Sam Winans

So I got some good feedback on last week’s WTWTW post and I loved doing it, so here is this week’s!  There is a LOT of good stuff on television this week, so get ready!  It is my last week before finals so I’ll have some free time to watch TV and I hope you do too!  Or if you want to procrastinate studying for finals, what better way to do that than to watch Saturday Night Live?  Read on and get ready to set your DVR!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why there’s a picture of Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire circa 2004…well, you will definitely want to read this post!

Once Upon A Time – “A Curious Thing” – 8 PM – ABC

Glinda the Good Witch is here!  Charming and Snow set out to find her, hopefully for some answers.  Meanwhile, Zelena, high on evil, threatens Henry’s life if Hook does not kiss Emma, draining her of her magical powers.  This is definitely not the Wicked I thought I knew…

Resurrection – “Schemes of the Devil” – 9 PM – ABC

I don’t know if you guys have been watching Resurrection, but I am hooked!  In this episode, Tom leads the search for Rachael, who was abducted last week by a “cop.”  Also, Maggie & Dr. Ward make a series of unexpected discoveries.

Revenge – “Revolution” – 10 PM – ABC

Pascal proposes to Victoria and she says…yes?!  Ahh!  But not too fast…Aiden abducts him and brings him to Emily, who is now posing as someone from Homeland Security.  What does she have up her sleeve now?!

Dancing With The Stars – 8 PM – ABC

It is Latin-themed week on DWTS!  Also, Ricky Martin guest judges.  Tune in to see some sexy salsa dances as well as which couple gets eliminated next.

The Following – “Forgive” – 9 PM – FOX

Season three finale alert!!  Is Mike dead or is he alive?!  Who was that gunshot directed to?!  Does the church blow up?!  Hopefully, these questions will be answered.  Also on the show, Mark and Luke (the creepy twins) turn the tables on Joe and Ryan, who are forced to work together to save Claire.  Will Claire break free and finally kill Joe?!  I am on the edge of my seat already!

The Blacklist – “The Kingmaker” – 10 PM – NBC

Reddington is under attack!  Someone is out to get his allies and he seems pretty concerned about that.  Liz uncovers a secret about Red that he has been hiding, and is NOT happy about it.  Is it what was in the box that Tom left for her?  Also, will we ever see Tom again?  WHO DID HE WORK FOR? #unansweredquestions

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – 11:34 PM – NBC

Emma Stone is on the show from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as well as baseball player Robinson Cano, and a performance by Keith Urban.

Credit: Aceshowbiz

Credit: Aceshowbiz

Glee – “The Back-Up Plan” – 8 PM – FOX

Rachel auditions for a TV pilot that compromises her Funny Girl schedule, Mercedes tries to include Santana in her record deal, and Blaine befriends a wealthy socialite in the form of Shirley MacLaine.

New Girl – “Dance” – 9 PM – FOX

Jess worries that someone will try to sabotage her first middle school dance, so she enlists the gang to chaperone!  Please tell me Schmidt is in the middle of the dance floor, oh please…

Credit: SpoilersGuide

The Mindy Project – “The Girl Next Door” – 9:30 PM – FOX

Mindy starts dating Charlie the cop (Tim Daly) and Danny tries to get Mindy to buy the other condo that he owns in his building.  Hmm…someone sounds jealous.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! – 11:35 PM – ABC

Guests include Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family (Cam + Mitch 4eva) and Robin Roberts.

Credit: Just Jared JR

Credit: Just Jared JR.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show – 4 PM – NBC

On the show today are Ryan Seacrest from American Idol (plus the thousand other jobs he has) and Dave Franco from the upcoming film, Neighbors.  I’m a huge fan of Seacrest and Franco so I will for sure be tuning in! Surely she’ll get one of them to do something crazy!

The Middle – “The Optimist” – 8 PM – ABC

Even though she graduates high school in two years, Sue frantically tries to find a college scholarship.  Always ahead of the game, that Sue Heck.  Frankie tries to fix a mistake she made at work without her boss finding out, and Brick demands an apology from Mike after a misunderstanding.

American Idol – 8 PM – FOX

We’re down to FIVE finalists!  Tune in to see what guest mentor Jason Mraz had to say about the contestants.

Modern Family – “Sleeper” – 9 PM – ABC

The wedding of the year is getting closer each week!  Phil tells Claire an elaborate lie and then can’t handle the stress, Jay sneakily enters Stella in a dog show, and Gloria takes charge of planning the family portrait…but has a little trouble making sure everyone is picture-perfect.  And Mitchell has a meltdown!  What could possibly be the cause of it?

Nashville – “Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad” – 10 PM – ABC

Nashville is back!!  Scarlett has a massive meltdown, which leads to everyone blaming each other. When Juliette runs to Avery, she’s not too happy to see that he is a little preoccupied with the Scarlett saga.  The drama continues!

LIZZIE MCGUIRE – “Gordo and the Girl” AND “Untitled Stan Jansen Project” – 12 AM and 12:30 AM – Disney Channel

I don’t know if you all know this but Disney Channel has been doing #throwbackthursday (Disney Replay) for a while.  If you can never remember AM or PM, this is technically midnight on Wednesday, when it becomes Thursday.  I don’t want there to be any miscommunication here.  Lizzie McGuire will be on TV for one hour and you cannot miss it.  These episode titles should ring a bell to you but if not, here’s a quick summary: Gordo spends a ton of time with his girlfriend (Kyla Pratt) and Lizzie & Miranda feel neglected.  On the second episode, Stan Jansen follows Gordo around school for a documentary and Gordo calls out Kate Sanders on camera.  You cannot miss this.

Credit: iHeartRadio

Credit: iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio Music Awards – 8 PM – NBC

Get some sleep after Lizzie because the very first iHeartRadio Music Awards are here!!  Check it out to find out who wins “Best Lyrics” and “Best Fan Army,” but stay for the awesome lineup of performers, including: Blake Shelton, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, Pitbull, Shakira, and 30 Seconds to Mars.

Bad Teacher – “Daddy Issues” – 9:30 PM – CBS

It’s not too late to get on board this crazy train! In this episode, Kelsey, played by Madison De La Garza (Demi Lovato’s little sis!) objects when Meredith wants to date her father.

Live! with Kelly and Michael – 9 AM – CBS

Guests include Jaime Foxx from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Idina Menzel from the Broadway show If/Then.

Shark Tank – “Swimming With Sharks” – 8 PM – ABC

This special edition (before a new episode) will show some updates on memorable and controversial entrepreneurs, as well as take us behind the scenes to see what happens after deals are made.

Whose Line is it Anyway? – 8:30 PM – CW

I always forget to set my DVR for this, but Nolan Gould from Modern Family is on this episode, so I will be tuning in!  He may be a member of Mensa, but can he improv?  Jeff Davis and Greg Proops will also guest star.

Credit: Kentucky Derby

Credit: Kentucky Derby

140th Kentucky Derby – 4 PM – NBC

I’m probably going to opt out of this one, but hey, it could be fun to see some awesome hats.

Saturday Night Live – 11:29 PM – NBC

Andrew Garfield hosts!!!!!!  Sorry, but I am REALLY excited about this.  Also, Coldplay is the musical guest!  This ought to be a great show!

So what will you be watching?  I’m definitely looking forward to SNL and I will for sure be checking out The Following finale.  Can’t forget the iHeartRadio Music Awards!  I love a good award show.  If I missed something, what should I be watching?  Let me know!  Also, have a great week. :)

– xo, A


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