Summer TV Binge Watch List

Credit:  Huffington Post

Credit: Huffington Post

Aaand I’m officially on summer break!  I am so excited to be done with another year of school, but even more excited to chill out for a few months.  I know I can’t be the only college student who takes advantage of their summer break by binge-watching television shows…am I right?  There’s so many things in my Netflix queue (and probably yours, too) that it can be hard to figure out where to start.  No worries!  I have created a very condensed list of ten shows you should watch.  There are five different categories with two shows in each category, so surely there is something there to meet your TV needs.  Read on for my suggestions!

Category 1:  Comedy
*For fans of 30 Rock or The Office, people who like to laugh, or people who want to binge 20 episodes of a 20 minute show in one sitting.

Parks and Recreation

Enjoy five wonderful seasons of this NBC comedy starring Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, and Rob Lowe, to name a few.  By the time you finish, you will be ready to move to the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana.  I recently got my best friend, Amanda, completely hooked on this.  Chances are, you will be too!

Watch on:  Netflix, HuluPlus

Credit:  Hollywood

Credit: Hollywood

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This newbie FOX comedy has already made a name for itself by winning two Golden Globe Awards!  If you were having Andy Samberg withdrawals after his SNL exit in 2012, this will fix that!  I’ve been a fan since the first episode and each one has me cracking up with laughter. Spend your summer with these dysfunctional detectives before their second season this fall.

Watch on:  HuluPlus

Category 2:  Political Drama
*For anyone who is fascinated by the White House and all of the secrets (albeit, fictional) it entails.


Credit:  The Hollywood Reporter

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Oh. My. Gosh.  If you have not watched Scandal yet, you really need to.  It took me five days to binge this show last summer and my life was forever changed.  If you’re familiar with Grey’s Anatomy, you will likely appreciate this show because the great Shonda Rhimes created them both!  The third season will hopefully be on Netflix soon, but until then, catch up on the first two.  If you’re not a gladiator by the end of summer, I have failed you.

Watch on:  Netflix

Credit:  The Man in the Movie Hat

Credit: The Man in the Movie Hat

House of Cards

Okay sooooo I have not actually watched this show yet.  But in my defense…I will.  I mean, it is the show that everyone is talking about!  It’s a Netflix Original starring Kevin Spacey, who plays a cunning Congressman with an equally conniving wife.  It only has two seasons, but three Emmy wins!  I hope to start it this summer, so how about we binge it together?  Let’s do it!

Watch on:  Netflix

Category 3:  Reality
*For anyone who wants to feel semi-normal

Credit:  Examiner

Credit: Examiner

Toddlers & Tiaras

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to watch the show in its entirety; just pick an episode!  Each episode stars different toddlers (and their tiaras).  There is a lot of controversy about toddler pageants, but if you couldn’t care less, then watch this show.  Stage moms are absolutely hilarious and the kids really do say the darndest things.

Watch on:  Netflix

Credit:  Deadline

Credit: Deadline

Breaking Amish

This is my guiltiest of pleasures.  I’m not going to judge any religion or any of their practices, but this is really a fascinating show.  Sure, it’s not 1000% accurate, but what is?  It’s neat to see this group of five break away from their Amish background and get a taste of New York City, America’s cultural center.  I found it hard to find a character I could tolerate (Abe and Rebecca are your best bet), but there’s always some kind of drama going on, which makes for a really weird interesting show!

Watch on:  Netflix

Category 4:  Drama
*For anyone who doesn’t have enough drama in their lives already.

Credit:  Daily XY

Credit: Daily XY

Game of Thrones

I don’t care if this reduces my credibility, I am putting this on here even though I haven’t watched it.  I’m not entirely sure if it’s my cup of tea, but it is for a LOT of people.  Maybe I’ll check it out someday!  But if you’re a fan of the fantasy and adventure genres (and lots of killing), this is for you.  According to IMDB, the main idea is that seven noble families fight for control of a mythical land called Westeros.  There’s also dragons, if that interests you!

Watch on:  HBO GO

Credit:  Zap2it

Credit: Zap2it


Less far-fetched than GOT and I actually watch this one!  If you love musicals, but not the kind where people randomly start singing and suddenly everyone knows the words and choreography…this is a good choice for you!  Season 1 was more about the battle between country music queen Rayna James (Connie Britton) and bubblegum pop/country crossover newcomer Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere), but season 2 is where the characters really start to evolve.  Great music, great fights, great sparkly dresses.

Watch on:  HuluPlus

Category 5:  Dramedy
*For anyone who appreciates the dry humor of life.

Credit:  Entertainment Weekly

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Orange Is the New Black

I also haven’t watched this, BUT it’s at the top of my queue!  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about this Netflix Original.  Taylor Schilling stars as Piper, who rocks an orange jumpsuit while in a federal penitentiary.  Season 2 will be on Netflix June 6th, so you can either catch up now or watch them all at once!  Correction: WE can either catch up now or watch them all at once.  We’re all in this together, you guys.

Watch on:  Netflix

Credit:  HBO

Credit: HBO


I am obsessed with Girls, Lena Dunham’s TV baby.  I was very skeptical about watching it, but I got sucked in.  It’s been described as a less-glamorous Sex and the City.  The show focuses on four young adult girls as they manage their money, their relationships, and their jobs.  It feels authentic and the humor never seems forced. Oh, and just a warning, the show has lots of nudity.  I mean, it’s HBO.

Watch on:  HBO GO

Well, that’s my list!  Now that I’ve given you my suggestions, what do you think I should watch?  Also, I realize not everyone has a Netflix/HuluPlus/HBO Go account soooo if you don’t, go find a friend who does!

Happy Summer!

– xo, A


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