Brad Pitt Throws Beer to Matthew McConaughey

Credit: Buzzfeed

Credit: Buzzfeed

What happens when two Hollywood A-listers hang out on balconies in New Orleans at the exact same moment, only feet away?  We get amazing pictures like this one.  Why yes, that is Brad Pitt throwing a can of beer from a balcony in the French Quarter.  And as the title states, he was throwing that beer to Matthew McConaughey.  So how did these two end up across from each other in Louisiana?  Read more to find out!

McConaughey was tossing a football around on a balcony when his family pointed out a familiar face across the way–Brad Pitt!  Both actors were in town for charity events: McConaughey for an Amazing Race event benefitting his Just Keep Livin’ Foundation (as well as Drew Brees’ Dream Brees Foundation) and Pitt, who owns a home in the city, for his Make It Right Foundation.

Credit: Buzzfeed

Credit: Buzzfeed

When they spotted each other, they waved and chatted for a second before Pitt yelled, “I’ve got something for you.” He went inside and then came back with a NOLA Hopitoulas beer that he tossed over to McConaughey.  Thankfully, he caught it, otherwise that could have ended very badly.

Check out the whole interaction on video below!

Source: Buzzfeed, NY Daily News, Huffington Post



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