Lena Dunham Performs Interpretive Dance to Sia Song

Credit: Late Night Seth

Credit: Late Night Seth

Not only does Sia know how to write a hit song (“Perfume” by Britney Spears, “Pretty Hurts” by Beyonce), but she also has an amazing voice that she lends to her lyrics.  She performed her new single “Chandelier” on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week while lying face down on a bed as Girls star Lena Dunham interpretively danced. Yep, that happened.  You will not believe it until you see the video!

Oh, and we can’t ignore the blonde wig that Dunham dons just like her character Hannah Horvath in season three of Girls (episode 10, “Role-Play”).  I’m assuming it’s because Sia has hair like that (see picture below), but the connection was just so uncanny.  Without further ado, Sia’s performance of “Chandelier.”

Credit: Lena Dunham

Credit: Lena Dunham

Okay so I’m sure there is some deeper meaning to this and I’m supposed to feel certain emotions…but I don’t get it.  It’s kind of funny, but I’m not sure if their intention was to be funny or moving.  Hmm.  Thoughts??

FYI, Sia performed face down because she has Graves’ disease and suffers from panic attacks. Whatever floats her boat, because regardless, that voice is incredible!

So what do you think of the performance?  Is there a meaning that I am not understanding or is it just plain fun?  And how can I get Lena to do an interpretive dance at my next birthday party??  (Serious responses only, please.)

– xo, A



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