The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Sneak Peek!

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.21.39 AMThe marketing team for The Hunger Games really knows what they’re doing.  I am currently FLIPPING OUT at this sneak peek of the third installment of the movie franchise, Mockingjay Part 1.  So stop everything you are doing right now (except for reading this blog, of course) and watch the teaser that was just released.  The Youtube description even says that you are required to view it.

CITIZENS: The Capitol requires your viewing of President Snow’s official Panem Address, “Together As One,” brought to you by Capitol TV in stunning 4K.”

If you are totally unaware of what all the brouhaha is about, allow me to explain.

The video message comes to us from Capitol TV.  We hear President Snow (Donald Sutherland) explain that since the dark days, Panem has known peace because the Capitol has been in control. He then says that the system works well because the Capitol looks out for everyone (I call BS) but if people fight against it — his words, not mine — It is you who will bleed.”  Oh, crap.

The most haunting part, however, is seeing our favorite bread boy, Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), looking like a complete robot at Snow’s side.

Filming just wrapped on the movie franchise so in the meantime, if you haven’t seen the new Mockingjay district posters, head on over to to check them out, and visit The Capitol’s official website to register for Capitol TV updates.

How excited are you for Mockingjay Part 1?  I can hardly wait until November 21st!

“Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever.”

– xo, A


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