“Full House” Stars Reunite For Dave Coulier’s Wedding

Credit: Candace Cameron Bure

Credit: Candace Cameron Bure

“Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, (there’s a heart) there’s a heart…a hand to hold onto.”

Are you singing yet?  Good.

If you’re wondering why I just quoted the Full House theme song, it’s because 1. it’s my favorite show, and 2. a few of the Tanner family members (and a Gibbler) reunited this week for comedian and actor Dave Coulier’s (aka Joey Gladstone) wedding to Melissa Bring.  Read more to see the cute reunion snapshots!


Credit: Jeff Franklin


The couple wed in Paradise Valley, Montana, on July 2nd, surrounded by family and friends, including some of Coulier’s TV family. They were joined by John Stamos (Uncle Jesse), Bob Saget (Danny Tanner), Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler), Candace Cameron Bure (DJ Tanner), and Jeff Franklin (the creator of Full House).

Every news source I have seen that has reported on this wedding has used the inevitable “full house” pun, and as much as I love a good pun, I’m going to spare you.

The longtime pals shared several pictures from the beautiful wedding on Instagram, making every Tanner family fan’s heart melt with nostalgia.

In fact, there were too many cute photos that I couldn’t choose which ones to post, so I decided to put them all in a slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 7.31.43 PM

Credit: Andrea Barber

How cute are they?!  I love seeing my favorite TV family (and annoying next door neighbor) back together again!

Also, who else hopes they look half as good as Andrea and Candace when they’re their age? Seriously, work it.

– xo, A


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