Josh Radnor/Ted Mosby Reacts To Lebron James News

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Ted…Teddy, Ted, Ted, Ted.  I have missed him so. It’s a good thing dear ole Josh Radnor tracked him down. I’m sure we were all dying to know what How I Met Your Mother‘s lead character, Ted Mosby, would have thought about Lebron James’ return to Cleveland.  Well, good news! We no longer have to wonder because in a video from Entertainment Weekly, Radnor AND Mosby share their thoughts.

If you are not a fan of my favorite show and don’t understand the meaning behind the video, let me take it from here.

Ted Mosby is from Ohio, so he was pretty upset when James left in 2010.  He was still holding a grudge years later.  But now Ted can (and does) rejoice!  A couple of HIMYM references make their way in, like Ted’s Wesleyan t-shirt and the iconic blue French horn.

True to his character, Radnor even shaved his beard for the video.Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 4.04.33 PM

While Ted Mosby is thrilled, it seems like Radnor couldn’t care less.

For the record, neither can I.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

I’m not at all into sports, but what do you think about the big news?  It’s all anyone is talking about this week, so I thought it was cool to see how my favorite fictional character would react.  Thoughts??

– xo, A


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