“The Bachelorette” Season Finale – LIVE UPDATES

Credit: The Bachelorette

Credit: The Bachelorette

Welcome to my first ever live-blogging event!  For two hours tonight, I will be giving you a play-by-play of the season finale of The Bachelorette.  If you’ve ever seen anything related to The Bachelor franchise, you probably already know that there is always drama going on.  Well, I’m here to provide a little humorous commentary (at least…my friends think so).  So come back here at 8 pm EST to find out if Andi chooses Nick or Josh, and to see what I have to say about her decision.  See you soon! Don’t forget the popcorn!

8 PM – I’ve got a huge mug full of ice cold Diet Coke and I’m lounging in a recliner.  Let’s do this.

Chris Harrison tells us that whoever Andi did not choose has been trying to get in touch with her.  Looks like she can’t escape him tonight!

Nick Meets the Family

Andi is introducing Nick to her family first.  To jog your memory, Nick is a software sales executive from Chicago.

By the way, I am predicting that Andi chooses Josh.  Nick is the one who lied to a hotel receptionist to find out Andi’s hotel room, so he seems like the guy to track her down on vacation in Mexico just to get closure.

He just thanked her parents for raising such a wonderful gal.  This is kind of awkward.

Nick just made Andi’s mom cry because of how much he is professing his love.  Not sure how to feel about this.

Nick is asking Andi’s dad for her hand in marriage.  Should be interesting.

Nick has the dad’s blessing.  Now Andi is chatting with Nick and they are lacing their fingers together in cheesy fashion.

Josh Meets the Family

Andi first thought that Josh, a former pro baseball player from Atlanta, was going to be super cocky but she really likes him (as do I)!


Uh oh.  Red flag.  Andi thinks her family might be concerned that he is the type of guy she’s dated in the past.  Noooooo

“There was a part of me that was like ‘Oh, he’s just doing a sales pitch.'”  Andi says this about the former baseball player, not the SALES EXECUTIVE.

Can I get the number of Josh’s dentist?  Those teeth are BLINDING.

Josh keeps saying “without a doubt” so in case anyone was wondering, Josh has no doubts.  He is serious about Andi.

Josh is asking for a proposal blessing.  Good news: Andi’s dad approves!

I could be biased and imagining things, but it seems like Andi’s dad likes Josh a litttttle bit more than Nick.  Fingers crossed that’s the case.

Andi’s Last Date With Josh

Andi and Josh are matching in blue and going on a huge boat together.  This is everything to me.

You know the theory (thanks, How I Met Your Mother) that there is a reacher and a settler in relationships?  There is no reacher nor settler in this one.  They are both equally gorgeous.  You know it’s true.

Andi wonders if this is all too good to be true.  I get her.  Josh is beautiful, athletic, sweet, funny, charming…definitely seems too good to be true.  But still, he is much better than Nick.

8:40 PM – Part 2 of Andi’s last date with Josh.  Their last night together before the end!  Let’s get down to the deep talk!

Josh tells Andi that his love for her is forever.  Now he’s reading her a handwritten letter!  HE MADE HER A BASEBALL CARD OMG.

He added his last name to her name on the card…Andi Murray.  Too soon or romantic?

Andi loves it!  She says that a guy doesn’t put his last name on a girl unless he is ready.  He’s ready!!!!

Andi’s Last Date With Nick

Nick is wearing a bright blue t-shirt and bright blue swim shorts.  He looks like a walking blueberry.

They’re having a romantic picnic at a “secret lagoon.”  Wonder if they packed blueberries…

Andi went swimming with both Josh and Nick.  Guess she’s taking “testing the waters” literally…

9:01 PM – We made it through the first hour!!  I had to bring out the pork rinds because I was stress-biting my fingernails.  Anyone else a little worried she might pick Nick?  I’m sure he’s a nice guy but I really don’t see them settling down together.  Let’s just say there is definitely a reacher and settler in this relationship.

The alcohol has been brought out.  Let’s do this.

I’m sure I’m just being bratty and picky, but I do not think Nick is eloquent at all.  But Andi loves it when he rambles, so what do I know?

According to Nick, Andi is giving him all the signs and he appreciates it.  How does he know that she isn’t giving Josh the same signs?

“I cannot wait to go grocery shopping with you.”  Okay Nick, that was cute.  I’ll give you that.

He just gave Andi a play-by-play of their future married life together.  Wake up, text her that he loves her, work, lunch, gym, makeout.  All in a day’s work.

He just gave her a gold necklace that has a bottle of sand from the beach where he told her he loves her.  Okay I’ll give him that, too.  Creative and cute.

Andi’s Engagement Day?

Andi is casually walking out on her lawn in her nightgown as the two shirtless men casually get out of bed and prepare for the day.  Casual.

Nick is wearing a red checkered shirts and looks like a picnic blanket.  He says he’s going to propose to Andi and his gut tells him she will say yes.  Ok sure

Neil Lane is at Josh’s door!!  Let’s find a ring, baby!

Must be nice to look for engagement rings with the king of engagement rings.  And to not have to pay for it.  MUST BE REAL NICE.


Just texted my BFF that I am “FLRIPING” so yeah, I’m a little concerned.

Everyone was asking who the new bachelor is, but Ryan Seacrest Chris Harrison said he’ll announce it later.  But then he put his hand on Chris the farmer’s shoulder.  Subtle, but could be a clue!

Andi at Nick’s Door

She says she woke up this morning and didn’t feel like something was right, just like Nick felt the last time he was engaged.  OH BOY.

She says she can’t go through with this.  Uh oh uh oh uh oh.  Bad news bears.

She tells him that she imagines their life together would just be her over-analyzing every single moment.  Definitely not something you want to start a future on.

Andi is crying.  Nick asks if it is about them or someone else.  Like you need an answer?  {Josh}

So I’m guessing Neil Lane will not be stopping by Nick’s room…

And now it’s raining.  Mother Nature has quite the sense of humor.

Ouch, Nick just threw away a few of his old roses.  Now he’s packing.  Did I call this or did I call this?!

Nick mumbles too much.  Speak words, my boy.

The Proposal?

Here we go!!  Andi is already wearing white and she’s not even engaged.

Josh has arrived and is lookin’ mighty sharp in that tux!

I am flipping out.  Josh just walked up to Andi.  Now he is expressing his love to her.

Josh is very eloquent.  I’m just saying.

Andi’s turn to speak.  I think.

Okay yes, she is speaking.  Reminiscing on her journey.




SORRY NOT SORRY FOR THE CAPS.  Andi Dorfman is engaged to Josh Murray!!!!  Hooray!

“Josh, will you accept this final rose?”  DUH.

Now they’re going to get married and settle down in Atlanta and have beautiful children!!!  My heart is full!

Oh my gosh stop they are so cute.  Sean and Catherine who?!  {jk I still love you Sean and Catherine}

Thank you for joining me!  Now I am going to relax and watch After the Final Rose.  Congrats, Andi and Josh!

– xo, A


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