Selena Gomez Takes Page Out Of Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield’s Handbook…Literally!

Credit: Selena Gomez

Credit: Selena Gomez

Cardboard charity awareness signs are the new candid paparazzi shots.  If you’re #blessed enough to achieve super-stardom, wouldn’t you want to shine a light on the people whose voices are not as prominent as yours? Just like trendsetters Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Selena Gomez is sharing some of her celebrity spotlight with charity organizations who could use the attention.

Gomez and her friends held up signs for UNICEF (Sel is an ambassador for them), Unlikely Heroes, Generosity, and Invisible Children.  She captioned the photo:

Thank God for Emma and Andrew. What are you up to on your Sunday folks?”

Credit: People

Stone and Garfield came up with this genius idea almost two years ago in order to bring awareness to Worldwide Orphans and Gilda’s Club NYC.  In June, the duo was spotted with new cardboard signs that advertised Youth Mentoring and Autism Speaks, as well as the organizations from their first signs.

Credit: People

Credit: People

Last month, Anne Hathaway and her husband, Adam Shulman, gave a shout-out to the Amazing Spider-Man stars on their own signs. They also asked people to check out Girl Effect, Feeding America, and World of Children.

I am such a fan of this idea and I cannot wait to see what other stars will do this, too!  It’s such a great way to raise awareness.

What do you think of this new trend?  Who do you think will be next to make their own cardboard sign?  And while you’re here, check out those awesome organizations above!

– xo, A


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