Red Carpet Roundup – Teen Choice Awards 2014


Credit: Teen Choice Girl

Hi, my name is Angel and I am a few months away from no longer being a teenager…but I LOVE the Teen Choice Awards. All my favorite celebs are there, my favorite shows are nominated, and my favorite bands perform.  What more could you want?!  Not only does the award show present us with some buzzworthy performances and heartwarming speeches, but the fashion is always fun to discuss.  Who wore it better and who should never wear it again — read more to find out which stars won the red carpet and who was not even in the running for Best Dressed!


Ariana Grande – Ari looks gorgeous in this George Chakra mini-dress paired nicely with some nude pumps.  Her style is very much on the sweet side of the fashion spectrum, so these soft colors work well for her.

Bella Thorne – I first thought the dress did not have fabric over the center, which would be super daring, but upon closer inspection, I discovered that there is some fabric there.  Regardless, I love this dress.  The pattern is adorable and the shape is flirty and fun.  The blue carpet kind of sucks up her heels, though, so I wish she had gone with white or yellow pumps.

Chelsea Kane – This looks so phenomenal that she should be teaching Color Coordinating 101.  The long skirt especially makes this look stand out because most girls went with shorter bottoms.  Smart move!

Chloë Grace Moretz – Sorry, but I am not feeling this look.  The bandeau top is so tiny that it looks like a “censored” label and her outfit looks like a skimpy matador.


Debby Ryan – Black and white were huge on the carpet last night and Debby does a great job at rocking them both.  She looks so grown-up in this outfit and I love the subtlety of a few gold bangles on her arms.  Very classic!

Demi Lovato – Demi looks like a heavenly businesswoman in this angelic ensemble.  The white is a great contrast to her tan skin and the gold adds some fun to the professional look.  She looks stunning!

Emily Osment – This white dress is a great length — not too long, not too short — and is a perfect way to show off her awesome figure.  The triangular straps are a little weird to me, but her bright heels make up for it by way of distraction.

Hailee Steinfeld –  Another one that I am not a fan of.  Each pattern would probably look fine by itself, but altogether, it’s just a little much.  I like the vintage feel she was going for with the lace and buttoned-up-to-the-collar style, but it just comes across as frumpy here.

girls 3

Hilary Duff – So glad she is making a comeback!  I love the black leather pencil skirt but I think some colorful heels would have been a great addition.

Italia Ricci Chasing Life is my newest TV obsession and she is my newest girlcrush.  She totally owns this jumpsuit with a plunging neckline.  Her brown bob makes the whole outfit look so cool and summery!

Janel Parrish – Janel looks so sultry in this silky ensemble.  These deep colors give off a mysterious vibe (channeling Mona, maybe?) and the dark lips were a great choice.

Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, & Kylie Jenner – Kendall’s slicked-back hair and white jumpsuit do not work for me, especially because of those sheer patches on the legs and that weird collar.  Kim, on the other hand, looks stunning.  Her zebra-print skirt draws you in and doesn’t completely hide her amazing figure.  Kylie’s gladiator wedges are on point and the shape of her skirt is so intriguing.


Lea Michele – This color-block Fausto Puglisi dress is interesting.  I wouldn’t have expected to see those colors together, but Lea makes me not completely hate it.  However, I do love how effortless everything looks, from her heels to her hair.

Lucy Hale – This bold dress looks absolutely amazing on her and those spiky heels are so fun.  Her black nails and the bottom tip of her dress are a great contrast from the bright color and add a goth vibe to it.

Nina Dobrev – First off, her braid is out of this world.  Second, I kind of love this.  Those hot pink heels are exactly what I wanted to see and I love the splashes of pink on the outfit.  The gold works extremely well, too.  Kind of a royal concept with a little bit of bachelorette party thrown on it.  {Don’t ask me what that means, just go with it.}

Sarah Hyland – The beautiful co-host of the show looks stunning in this sparkly dress.  It’s a great choice because it’s more fun than a simple LBD, but not distracting like a pattern.


Selena Gomez – This suit looks so classy on her and is incredibly slimming (as if she isn’t already slim). The whole outfit screams sleek and simple.  She looks so mature, just like her BFF Demi!  They could be salt and pepper shakers together.  {hold for laughter}

Shay Mitchell – Another insanely fantastic braid!  Shay definitely knows how to wow a red carpet and this is no exception.  The white lace may seem pure and innocent, but the dark lip and matching nails bring some wild child to it.  Love love love it!

Taylor Swift – MY QUEEN.  Tay has been wearing a ton of crop tops lately and she absolutely owns them.  I adore this green color on her and the yellow shoes remind me of a sunflower.  I’m also really drawn to her coral lips because I think the color is a really great touch.

Zendaya – I had no clue this was Zendaya when I first saw her.  She looks so much older!  I adore the hot-pink on her from head to toe.  She looks very stylish and I’m loving her hairstyle.


Jordin Sparks & Jason Derulo – Yes, Jordin has an incredible body, so I can see why she’d want to show it off with this crop top.  It’s a great idea, but the design seems kind of Hawaiian-touristy to me. It’s not my favorite, but I have seen worse.  Also, Jason’s red leather jacket is phenomenal.

Ansel Elgort – Okay.  I am totally in love with this man but not his outfit.  The colors do not work well.  His blue jacket is great, but not with the gray slacks and that weird caramel-collared shirt. Maybe he shouldn’t have even worn a shirt.  Or pants.  {Just kidding………..}

Cody Simpson – Cody’s style is very laid-back and summery here and I think it is a smart decision. The button-down shirt could have been very professional-looking, but the deep V-neck and the half-tucked-in-half-tucked-out take it from office space to beach party.

Ian Somerhalder – How the heck is his waist so tiny???  Is he wearing a corset?  My goodness.  Ian never looks bad in anything at all.  And I love that he has been representing his foundation lately on the red carpet.  Go check it out!

Tyler Posey – The other co-host of the show looks extremely dapper and I would say he is the best-dressed male that I’ve seen.  He is just so cute.  Ugh.

Image credits: E! Online and Ryan Seacrest

Alright, time to decide.  Best dressed of the night?  Crop tops definitely win because I’m going with Taylor, Shay, and Chelsea.  I can’t decide; everyone was stunning!  As for worst dressed…I’d have to say Chloe.  I love her, but the look was just not up to par.

Now it’s your turn!  Tell me who you thought was stunning and who was…not as stunning.  I’m curious!

– xo, A


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