Taylor Swift Is Tight-Lipped On “Tonight Show,” Guest Stars On “Ew!”

Credit: Fallon Tonight

Credit: Fallon Tonight

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any new music from superstar Taylor Swift, so with the announcement of her Yahoo! livestream next Monday comes a lot of anticipation that she will be announcing her fifth album.  Her fans (the Swifties, mind you) had even hoped that she would let the cat out of the bag during her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night.  But if there’s one thing Taylor Swift is any good at (besides sweeping award shows), it’s leaving room for speculation.

It’s not clear exactly what Monday’s livestream is for, but Swift did tease that something major is going to happen.

There could be one announcement or there could be multiple announcements.”

Fallon tried his hardest to get the whole secret out of Swift by yelling and rephrasing the question, but she was quick to combat his incessant pestering with a little sass.

However, she did drop a pretty big bomb…she will be performing on the MTV Video Music Awards on August 24th!  Whether it will be a big performance or just an acoustic jam, all she said was, “we’re planning it.”

Swift also made a special appearance on one of her favorite shows, “Ew!” where Sara’s (without an h, because h’s are “EW!”) out-of-town friend Natalie dropped by.  Check out the sketch below!

To see Swift’s full interview, click here.

What do you think the livestream will be about?  I’m hoping she’ll play us a new single!  And will you be tuning into the VMAs?

– xo, A



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