Taylor Swift Announces Album, Premieres Music Video During Livestream

Credit: Big Machine

Credit: Big Machine

You knew I was going to blog about this.

The year was 1989.  Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” was hitting the radio just as Whitney Houston’s “So Emotional” was taking a backseat.  And who could forget “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson and “Wind Beneath My Wings” by Bette Midler?  It was a shining year for music (as was the whole decade), but it was also the year that God gave us Taylor Swift.

In her Yahoo! livestream this afternoon, Swift announced that her latest album, “1989,” will pay homage to the “endless possibility” of the late 80’s pop she and her fans grew up with. And the fans could not be more ready.

Aside from the announcement that her “first documented, official pop album” (her words, not mine) will be available in stores on October 27th, Swift also premiered the first single, “Shake It Off.”  It is a bit different than her typical breakup songs, but Swift mentioned that the message is something she has learned to practice recently. A tabloid favorite, she pokes fun at the rumor mill in this sure-to-be hit.

Oh, did I mention she surprised viewers with the music video?  Check it out below!

Credit: PopCrush

Credit: PopCrush

I’m still kind of freaking out, to be honest.  She dropped three major bombshells in one day!  That’s a lot for us Swifties.

The album news is exciting because it’s been a loooong two years since the glory that is “Red.”  So it’s about time for some new music!  Not to mention this means that there will be a tour in the near future!! (!!!!!!!!)

To pre-order “1989,” visit Taylor’s official website.

First question: what do you think of “Shake It Off”?
Second question: HOW EXCITED ARE YOU FOR “1989”?!

– xo, A



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