What To Watch This Week

wtwtwHappy TV Premiere Month!  September is a great month for me, but my DVR fills up fast this time of year.  If you’re overwhelmed by season premieres and series debuts, you have come to the right place.  I’ve got you covered on the hottest shows on TV so you don’t miss one second of excitement.  Check it out!

Gotham – “Pilot” – 8 PM – FOX

Curious about life before the Dark Knight became the Dark Knight?  Gotham explores Detective Gordon’s (Ben McKenzie) involvement in the Wayne murder case.  He gets to know their son, Bruce, and along the way, we meet some famous Batman villains such as Catwoman and Penguin. The rest is history.

Credit: People

Credit: People

The Voice – “The Blind Auditions, Premiere” – 8 PM – NBC

This season adds new judges Gwen Stefani and Pharrell to mix the dynamic up a bit.  You will definitely want to tune in to see how they get along.  My bet is that Gwen totally rules the boys.  #girlpower

Sleepy Hollow – “This Is War” – 9 PM – FOX

Sleepy Hollow returns with its sophomore season and fans have a ton of questions that need answering.  How exactly is Katrina going to shake things up in the modern world?  Will she adjust sooner than Ichabod Crane?  How will Abbie get out of purgatory?  Let’s find out together!

The Blacklist – “Lord Baltimore” – 10 PM – ABC

This show’s first season ended with a bang…and some burn scars.  That’s definitely something that needs to be addressed.  Red continues to battle with Berlin, but now he faces a new threat from Lord Baltimore.  Liz tries to move on after the Tom situation and hopefully we will find out if he is actually dead.


Credit: TV Line

Credit: TV Line

NCIS: New Orleans – “Musician Heal Thyself” – 9 PM – CBS

Meet the newest NCIS spin-off, which takes place in New Orleans.  In this episode, the team investigates an officer’s murder whom Pride had mentored and Brody searches for a place to call his home.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – “Shadows” – 9 PM – ABC

We’ve all seen that cryptic billboard, so A+ for the marketing team.  It has something to do with whatever Coulson was carving into a wall during the finale.  And though he and his team are wanted fugitives, they’re still going to try to keep the world safe.

Credit: Zap2it

Credit: Zap2it

The Middle – “Unbraceable You” – 8 PM – ABC

It’s back to school for the Heck kids! Unfortunately, school starts a week earlier than Frankie anticipated.  Sue gets her braces removed finally and Brick shops for the perfect book bag.  I can’t imagine him settling for a bag that is less than perfect to embrace his precious books.

The Goldbergs – “Love Is a Mix Tape” – 8:30 PM – ABC

Adam makes a mix tape for Dana (so 80s!) but Beverly intercepts it and thinks he made it for her. Awkward.  Barry gets a fake ID but when he shows it off, it gets confiscated.  Oops!


Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Modern Family – “The Long Honeymoon” – 9 PM – ABC

Mitch and Cam are officially husband and husband, but Cam is less than thrilled about heading back to reality — he’s still on honeymoon time!  Gloria takes notice to Jay’s lack of effort in his appearance so she decides to join in on his little game.


Credit: Huffington Post

Black-ish – “Pilot” – 9:30 PM – ABC

New comedy alert!  This show is about a black family finding cultural identity while living in a predominantly white neighborhood.  In the first episode, advertising exec Dre considers a promotion at his firm while his son announces that he is converting to Judaism for his 13th birthday.  Sounds cultural to me!


Credit: ABC

Nashville – “That’s Me Without You” – 10 PM – ABC

Rayna has a hard decision to make…will she marry Deacon or Luke?  Both men proposed to her in the season finale so her answer will definitely need to get locked down.  Juliette tackles new territory by auditioning for a film role and Scarlett takes a trip home.  Also, Will and Layla deal with the consequences of his coming out.  That will make for some good content for their reality show!

Credit: IB Times

Credit: IB Times

Thank God It’s Thursday!  This night is officially dedicated to Shonda Rhimes, ABC’s Queen of Primetime TV.  This has been a message.

Grey’s Anatomy – “I Must Have Lost It on the Wind” – 8 PM – ABC

In the season 11 premiere, Meredith struggles to find a sense of normalcy, Callie and Arizona come to a conclusion about surrogacy, and Bailey battles Alex for the board seat.

Credit: Scandal

Credit: Scandal

Scandal – “Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia” – 9 PM – ABC

Where in the world is Olivia Pope?!  The gladiators will absolutely feel the effect of Olivia’s absence and though it might cross Fitz’s mind, he and Cyrus have to worry about making a positive impact on the country during such a rough time. Speaking of rough times, Mellie is going to grieve hard after losing her son.  Maybe we’ll be treated to Drunk Mellie again!

How to Get Away with Murder – “Pilot” – 10 PM – ABC

Can I just emphasis how much you do NOT want to miss this?  Viola Davis stars in Rhimes’ latest soon-to-be-hit about law students in a criminal defense class.  And Officer Bennett from Orange Is the New Black is a law student so that’s already a reason for you to check it out.

Credit: Shark Tank Blog

Credit: Shark Tank Blog

Shark Tank – 8 PM – ABC

A few business pitches in this two-hour premiere: a nail salon for men, a mobile wedding service, and a unique way to swaddle a baby.  Your new favorite gadget could be in this episode!

Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

Once Upon a Time – “A Tale of Two Sisters” – 8 PM – ABC

Frozen is coming!  Elsa enters Storybrooke and creates a snow monster for protection (I’m guessing she does not want to build a snowman). Regina wonders how Marian’s return will affect her relationship with Robin Hood, Hook feels like Emma is avoiding him, and Anna (yes, that Anna) discovers new information about her parents. Maybe Ariel can help her out with this one.

Credit: Oh No They Didn’t

Credit: Oh No They Didn’t

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – “Undercover” – 8:30 PM – FOX

After Detective Jake Peralta’s undercover FBI mission ends, he enlists Charles’ help to catch a mobster that got away.  Back at the precinct, Captain Holt’s practice drills test the squad’s patience.

Resurrection – “Revelation” – 9 PM – ABC

In the season two premiere, Bellamy wakes up by himself outside of Arcadia and has no memory of the past week.  Langston matriarch Margaret returns and that causes a bit of tension within the family.

Credit: TV Line

Credit: TV Line

Revenge – “Renaissance” – 10 PM – ABC

Though Victoria is stuck in a mental hospital, she plans to turn her situation to her advantage.  Emily plans her most surprising party yet and David Clarke plans his next move. Could her party be his welcome home party?  Hmm.

Image credits: x, x, x, x

So what did I miss?  What will you be checking out and what do you just not have time for?  I am very excited for all my favorite shows to come back but I am BEYOND stoked for How to Get Away with Murder.  It looks so good!

Leave me your thoughts below!

– xo, A


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