Lorde Shares First “Mockingjay” Single

Credit: Christian Post

Credit: Christian Post

A lot of hype is generating about The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.  The latest reason to get excited is brought to you by 17-year-old, double Grammy Award-winner Lorde.  By now you know her song “Royals” forwards and backwards, but get ready to fall in love with her new piece of work, which she wrote specifically for Mockingjay.

“Yellow Flicker Beat” is the first single from the Mockingjay soundtrack, which Lorde is actually in charge of curating.  While the singer wrote and recorded her own song, she has been tight-lipped about who else will appear on the album.

In a post on her Tumblr, she briefly touched on the inspiration behind the song.

now, about this song – yellow flicker beat. it’s my first offering from what i hope will be a soundtrack you love. it’s my attempt at getting inside her head, katniss’. i hope you like it.

Give “Yellow Flicker Beat” a listen here!

Lorde has also been sharing a few lyrics from the song over the past few days on her Twitter.

Image credits: x, x

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.14.18 PM
Today, she tweeted her appreciation for all of the support. Make sure you grab the song on iTunes and go see Mockingjay on November 21.

Source: People

What do you think of the song?  Are you getting pumped for Mockingjay?  Less than two months!!

– xo, A


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