Selena Gomez Visits Cancer Patients

Credit: Selena Gomez

Credit: Selena Gomez

On Wednesday, Selena Gomez took an afternoon off from promoting her new movie Rudderless to visit cancer patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

In a statement to E! News, the hospital said that Gomez made sure to give attention to each of the dozens of kids she visited.

Selena took the time to stop and visit with each one, hear their stories, give hugs, share laughs and provide encouragement.  It was a much-needed lift for these children and their families during an incredibly difficult time.”

On her Instagram, Gomez posted a few snapshots from her visit.  The caption for her photo with the little girl read “princess.”  She also sported a “Team Connor” bracelet in support of one of the patients.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 8.11.55 PM

Later that day, the hospital tweeted their gratitude to Gomez, who is also an ambassador for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

Source: E! Online

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