Taylor Swift Defends Cyberbullied Fan

Credit: GossipCop

Credit: GossipCop

By now, you may have seen Taylor Swift’s “Gift Giving of 2014” video, where she chronicles her process of wrapping, packaging, and sending hand-picked Christmas gifts to dedicated fans. Swift continually proves her loyalty to fans, so it should come as no surprise that recently, she came to the defense of a Tumblr user who was dealing with an anonymous bully.

Lucy Ashton received a “Swiftmas” package and like other recipients, she posted her reaction video on Tumblr.  While many positive comments from fellow Swifties flooded her dashboard, one anonymous user chose to send hate.

Credit: colldasyou

Credit: colldasyou

The anon wrote, “ur ugly to be completely honest…..” to which Swift replied on the post, “NO, ANONYMOUS. NO.”

Take that, person hiding behind a keyboard.

Swift is known for lurking on her fans’ social media pages (#taylurking), so when Ashton originally uploaded her video, Swift commented on it, calling her the “cutest human ever born.”

To check out Ashton’s reaction video, click here.

Ashton also spoke to Buzzfeed about what it means that her hero has her back.

Her support means everything to me. I’ve supported her for eight years now, and to know that she knows me, a teenage girl who just blogs about her, and to know that she always has my back, means everything to me. It definitely gives me a sense of comfort.”

Source: Ryan Seacrest

What do you think of Taylor supporting her fans?  Honestly, this girl just keeps getting better.  {Also, I hope I’m next in line for Swiftmas 2015!}

– xo, A


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