Christina Aguilera pays it forward with free coffee for unsuspecting customers

Credit: Christina Aguilera

Credit: Christina Aguilera

New York is totally drowning in snow right now (as is basically the whole country), so I think we can all agree that when you’re out in the cold, nothing beats a hot cup of coffee. Pop superstar Christina Aguilera stopped by Starbucks in Rockefeller Center and made a lot of customer’s days much warmer when she bought free coffee for an hour.

Alexis Warren, store manager of Starbucks Rockefeller Center Concourse, shared a firsthand account of the incident, which she describes as “instant pandemonium.”

“Christina came in with a big group of people around 4:30 in the afternoon. She told one of our baristas she wanted to buy coffee for everyone for the next hour.”

Aguilera handed the barista a few hundred dollars in cash and sent out a tweet with the photo above that said,

Coffee on me for the next hour! Head to 30 Rock! XoXtina”

Credit: JustJared

Credit: JustJared

Within minutes, the singer was surrounded by about 30 people who recognized her.  Though she did not actually buy a drink for herself, she autographed a Starbucks cup and stamped it with a lipstick kiss, which she left behind for the store.

Aguilera is not only an accomplished singer, but she has also just scored a guest role on ABC’s Nashville.

Starbucks is actually a sponsor of NBC’s The Voice, which Aguilera is a judge on, but she insists that her offer of free coffee was not for promotional purposes; she just wanted to surprise people.

Source: Starbucks

Let’s hope anyone who got a free cup of coffee thanks to Xtina ordered a dirrty chai.

– xo, A



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