What You May Have Missed

blog1This is something new I want to try out on the blog.  I thought to myself, “What makes my blog different? Right now, nothing.”  So here’s the thing: I know how busy we all are. I also know that we love to know what’s going on so we can talk about it tomorrow at the water cooler.  Here’s where I come in.

I’m going to (try) to start doing a segment called “What You May Have Missed.”  These posts will feature several stories regarding music, movies, tv, fashion…whatever is going on right now!  I will provide a very short snippet of the story as well as a link to where you can read more about it.  That way, 1. I don’t have to spend an hour perfecting a full story, and 2. you don’t have to read a whole story about something you don’t care about.  You can read what you find interesting and when it comes up in conversation, you’ll know what’s going on!

I really hope this works, but if not, it’s back to the drawing board.  Let’s give it a shot, shall we?


Sarah Michelle Gellar & Whitney Avalon have “Princess Rap Battle”

The latest installment of Whitney Avalon’s “Princess Rap Battle” YouTube series features Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cinderella, taking on Avalon’s Belle.  With lyrics like “Let’s look at your mentality / Freud loves your abnormality / The Stockholm Syndrome Story / Beauty and the Bestiality,” what’s not to love?  Check out the video below, or visit the link above for more information!

Nick Jonas backs out of Iggy Azalea tour

Credit: Business Wire

Credit: Business Wire

Things do not sound like they’re going well for Iggy Azalea.  First, she announced that she will be taking some time away from social media.  Then her tour got postponed due to production delays, though reports have been speculating that it’s because of poor ticket sales.  Now, if you’re catching her on tour, it won’t be with Nick Jonas as her opening act. He assured fans that they will be able to catch him this spring, just not on the Azalea’s Great Escape Tour.  Don’t forget to watch him host the Kid’s Choice Awards on March 28!


Check out the new trailer for Pixar’s Inside Out

Amy Poehler and Bill Hader appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, and they brought the new trailer for their film, Inside Out.  It looks so cute–I’m dying to see it!  Watch the trailer below.


CBS renews Mike & Molly and Mom


Credit: USA Today

Lots of new shows have been showing up in our DVRs (shout out to my new obsession, Secrets & Lies), but with every new show that makes it, one usually has to go.  Luckily for Chuck Lorre, two of his CBS shows have been renewed for another season!  Mom, which stars Anna Faris and Allison Janney, has been granted a third season, and Mike & Molly with Melissa McCarthy has been renewed for a sixth season.

Sean Lowe speaks out about Bachelorette twist

Credit: News.Au

Credit: News.Au

Everyone is still kind of unsure about the Bachelorette twist that ABC pulled on us Monday night.  The next season of The Bachelorette will feature Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson as bachelorettes, but only for the first night.  Their potential suitors will choose which lady they would like to pursue on the show, and the other will be sent home.  Harsh, right?  Former Bachelorette contestant and Bachelor Sean Lowe has had heartbreaking experiences on both shows, and he is not looking forward to seeing the ladies experience the same thing.  Check out what he had to say on his blog.


Alligator shows up on Florida golf course 

Credit: People

Credit: People

Here’s a story just for the heck of it: a 13-foot alligator walked across the golf course at Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, Florida.  A lot of commenters think it’s photoshopped or someone in a suit but as a native Floridian, I can tell you that it is as real as the one I saw on my family’s property years ago.

Image credits: x, x, x, x

So, what do you think about this new format? Leave me some feedback below!  Also, which story will you be talking about tomorrow?

Just for the record, this new format means I might not be able to post several times a week, so hopefully this will make up for the weeks where I’m not on as much.  Make sense?  Let me know what you’re thinking.  :)

– xo, A


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