Rebel Wilson promotes body positivity at MTV Movie Awards

Credit: MTV

Credit: MTV

Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson is always down for dressing up in wacky costumes and poking fun at herself (such as when she hosted the 2013 MTV Movie Awards), but at this year’s MTV Movie Awards, her outfit was no joke.

Wilson walked the red carpet at the award show in a little black dress with a cape, but it was her outfit when she took to the stage that everyone’s talking about now.  She joined co-stars Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, and Hailee Steinfeld, to present a new trailer for Pitch Perfect 2.

Wilson walked out in a bedazzled bustier bra, leather leggings with the word “Think” on the back, and huge white angel wings, clearly playing off of Victoria’s Secret Angels.  At first sight, it may just look like a playful costume, but Wilson’s reason behind it was actually to promote body peace.  She explained in the press room,

The ‘Bella’ girls (in Pitch Perfect) are all different shapes and sizes and nationalities.  I think one of the good messages in the movie is that you’re all beautiful.  I think sometimes girls look at Victoria’s Secret models and think that they have to model themselves after that, but I really don’t think that’s the best. Even though they are called ‘models,’ they’re not the best people to model yourself after.”

Credit: MTV

Credit: MTV

Anyone who has stepped foot inside a Victoria’s Secret store is probably familiar with the word “Pink,” which often appears on the backside of the brand’s pants. Wilson took the opportunity to make a statement about how it’s what’s inside that matters, not how you look.

“I like to encourage girls to think, which is why I put that on my butt.  It’s really about what’s up here [points to head], and not what’s here [points to backside],” Wilson said.

The bedazzled bra was hand made in Dubai, but the pants were just generic leather leggings for $50.  As for the wings, Wilson probably won’t be wearing them down a runway anytime soon.

The wings are slightly uncomfortable, especially when people knock into you. But it’s good — this will be my cardio for the day.  I had to walk up three flights of stairs while wearing these, and these are about twenty pounds.”


Credit: MTV

Well, it’s probably better cardio than horizontal running.

Source: People

What do you think about Rebel’s awesome message of body confidence?

First of all, if I could get my hair to look like that, 90% of my problems would be solved.  Second, I think she looks totally hot, fierce, and confident, and I LOVE her message behind everything!  I probably couldn’t love this girl more.

Also, who else is even more excited for Pitch Perfect 2?!

– xo, A


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