Kristen Bell pens blog in favor of vaccines

Credit: US Weekly

Credit: US Weekly

For some disturbing reason, one of the most controversial topics right now is whether or not parents should give their children vaccines.  In a blog for The Huffington Post titled “Facts Are Your Friends — Vaccinate Your Children,” Kristen Bell lays out eight points in favor of vaccines, urging mothers and fathers to vaccinate their kids.

In the blog, Bell mentions that when she became pregnant, she faced a ton of uncertainty about pregnancy and motherhood.  She writes,

I was thrust into a world of choices: home birth? Drug-free? Inducement? Caesarian? Eat my placenta? And when I shared my birth plan with other moms, I would often feel shame, like I wasn’t willing to go as far as others. Every conversation felt like a million little tests that questioned my motherhood. The consensus seemed to be that anything short of a drug-free home birth in water was child abuse.”

After she gave birth to Lincoln in 2013 and Delta in 2014, she still felt overwhelmed at the responsibility of keeping another human alive. Originally anti-vaccine, Bell decided that she could not make decisions based on opinions from friends, and instead, chose to sift through scientific studies and articles to get to the cold, hard facts.

Her research proved to be worthwhile, as she is now a vaccination advocate, and won’t even let un-vaccinated people near her children.

Some of the points that Bell addresses include concerns about chemicals and preservatives in vaccines, such as mercury, which she carefully presents as logical and safe for children.

Hopefully those against vaccines, like Alicia Silverstone, Kristin Cavallari, and Jenny McCarthy, will check out the blog.  I’m sure Jimmy Kimmel would be proud!

What are your thoughts on Kristen’s post?



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