“Lizzie McGuire” cast members reunite for bowling

Credit: Jake Thomas

Credit: Jake Thomas

After the news of a Full House Netflix revival, I’m not sure how much more nostalgia my 90s heart can take!  Naturally, this photo that Jake Thomas, who played Matt on Lizzie McGuire, posted has sent me over the edge.  Thomas, Hilary Duff (Lizzie, duh), and Lalaine (Lizzie’s BFF Miranda) reunited at a bowling alley, where Duff was actually on a Tinder date.  Thomas captured the photo,

So this happened last night… #LizzieMcGuire”

If this wasn’t good enough, a quick scroll through Thomas’ Instagram page will show you that he has actually reunited with other castmates before this!

Credit: Jake Thomas

Credit: Jake Thomas

Check out this cute picture of him and Carly Schroeder, who played Matt’s partner-in-crime, Melina.  Today, she posted a sweet Woman Crush Wednesday dedicated to Duff and Lalaine.

Back in January, Thomas hung out with Lalaine and Clayton Snyder, who played the adorably clueless Ethan Craft.

Snyder reposted the shot from last night with the caption, “Bummed I missed this!! Seems like the whole crew is slowly getting back together.”

Could this be a hint at a Lizzie McGuire revival?! If so, would you watch?

P.S. If you were a fan of Thomas’ other Disney Channel show, Cory in the House, check out this throwback picture from three months ago with Jason Dolley and Maiara Walsh!


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