Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg mock sexist interviews in Funny or Die skit

Credit: MTV

Credit: MTV

In the latest edition of “This Is Why We Need Feminism,” Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg tackle the topic of sexist interviews in a Funny or Die sketch. While promoting their film American Ultra (in theaters August 21), they explain that the studio has asked them to interview each other.  But after the first couple of questions, the two realize that their interview cards may have been switched.

Credit: Entertainment Weekly


It all starts when Stewart asks Eisenberg if he has any favorite designers.  Though both are puzzled, they continue on with the interview. Later, Stewart is asked if she’s always been funny, while Eisenberg is asked if he’s “seeing anyone right now.

Eisenberg clearly dislikes how quickly the interview becomes personal, and even comments, “I just feel like a lot of the questions you’re asking me feel like they’re about things that are not, like, about the movie.”


Surely this validates the necessity of the #askhermore campaign as an awards season staple!  For those unfamiliar with the hashtag, it was started by The Representation Project which urges red carpet reporters to ask female celebrities the same kinds of questions that men are frequently asked. Basically, instead of asking women about the project they’re promoting or nominated for, reporters tend to gravitate towards questions about how long it takes to get red carpet ready.  Plus, let’s not forget the E! network’s infamous mani-cam!

Check out the video for yourself to see how it all ends.  And spoiler alert, the mani-cam does make an appearance.

Source: HelloGiggles

How do you think Kristen and Jesse did turning the tables on reporters? And are you looking forward to American Ultra? (I can’t even wait!!)


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