What You May Have Missed


Perhaps you’ve been busy at a summer internship or have been without Wifi for a week and are wondering what’s happening in Hollywood…no worries! When it comes to celebrity news, I’m always on top.  So if you need something to talk about at your next family BBQ that doesn’t involve when you’re getting married or what you’re majoring in, bring up the latest news in the entertainment industry.  Counter the question, “When are you having kids?” with, “I don’t know, Grandma, but Jaime King just had a baby and Taylor Swift is its godmother!”  Now grab a drink, sit back, and relax, as you enjoy my latest installment of “What You May Have Missed.”

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Summer Somethings: Your Perfect Playlist

PicMonkey Collage2It’s officially summer for me!  A new season and tons of free time (minus my online classes, ew) means that I need a new playlist for chill days in my hammock and long road trips — so maybe you’re in the same boat! I have taken the liberty of composing a playlist of songs that are hot as the weather right now (in Florida, at least).  Whether you are a musical theatre geek, loyal to country music, or like to stick to the Top 40 charts, I think there’s something on here that everyone can enjoy.

P.S. I had planned to post this the other day but then I came down with the stomach flu and spent a few days in the hospital…sorry for my disappearance!

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Top 20 Songs From “Glee”

Credit: Anne-Tan

Well, the day has finally come.  The beloved show Glee is ending.  I know that many of you are saying, “Glee should have ended a long time ago” and “I thought this show was off the air!”  Well, calm down, because it’s finally ending. However, there are still some of us in the world who love the show, so let us have our moment to reflect proudly on this cultural phenomenon so that we can grieve in peace.

With that, I give you my totally biased list of the 20 best songs from Glee.  For the record, this was probably the hardest list I’ve ever had to make. Only a few songs could make the cut, so check out my choices and then let me know what I missed!

Warning: if you are a major Gleek, some of these may incite tears.  I’m sobbing just writing this.

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What I’m Loving Right Now

whatimlovingSo, since this is my blog, I might as well take advantage of having power for a minute!  Am I right?  I’m always in the mood to tell people about what’s hot on TV and what’s on my current playlist, so that’s what I’m about to do!  If you’re in need of something to entertain you over Spring Break, let me help.  Read more to find out what I’m loving right now!

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