What You May Have Missed


Perhaps you’ve been busy at a summer internship or have been without Wifi for a week and are wondering what’s happening in Hollywood…no worries! When it comes to celebrity news, I’m always on top.  So if you need something to talk about at your next family BBQ that doesn’t involve when you’re getting married or what you’re majoring in, bring up the latest news in the entertainment industry.  Counter the question, “When are you having kids?” with, “I don’t know, Grandma, but Jaime King just had a baby and Taylor Swift is its godmother!”  Now grab a drink, sit back, and relax, as you enjoy my latest installment of “What You May Have Missed.”

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Legend of Late Night, David Letterman Retiring


Credit: Vanity Fair

Late night television as we know it is about to lose another great TV legend. David Letterman, host of The Late Show since 1993, has announced that he plans to retire in 2015.  Read on for more details.

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